“At the age of six I wanted to become a housewife, with eight it had to be jet pilot,
with 14 I wanted to be a fashion designer, and with 19 I simply wanted to work.
In reality I worked for three years as management consultant in the mid-90’s,
spent the years 1998-2000 in International Sales at Donna Karan New York and
was Sales and Management Director with Iris von Arnim for nearly five years
before I started a three years break for my children in 2005.
SOUSI, magically, closed the circle: as a mother I am ‘naturally’ a housewife, too,
my designs I practically do all myself, from a gut feeling, following my own desires,
or I invite designers to do them, and the things I love I want do do right.
And as to flying – most of my days end up in a looping that is taking my breath away but is letting me shout out loud with joy.”

SOUSI stands for SOUL SISTER. For who knows better what suits you and your
life style than your best friend. We trust in recommendation from soul sister
to soul sister. Like an oak tree, that slowly grows to large strength.

To your best friend you would only recommend the essential, with perfection
in detail. For each new design we ask ourselves: Would I recommend it to
my best friend? Would she pack it for a weekend trip? Can she wear it
without reinventing herself?

Only then it can become a SOUSI style, made with the most precious
materials, high end production, handcraft and soul. Since 2008, in strictly limited edition.